KitchenAid mixers are amazing machines. We spend so much time with ours that they have become part of the Splat Cooking family - Beverley's is called Ruby, Sarah G's cranberry one is called Chloe and Steph at Splat Cooking in Swindon has called her black one Kitty!

The attachments for these mixers are really great too - we use the pasta attachments at lots of Italian workshops in the cookery school and at food festivals where hundreds of children have great fun pasta making with us. Making fresh pasta from scratch is easy when you know how! Beverley is going to try out her new sausage attachment soon so check out the blog to hear about how she got on.

You can use the mixer to make cakes, batter, home made pasta, whip up ice cream, make meringues, knead bread …and the list goes on. Standard accessories include a stainless steel mixing bowl, wire whisk, dough hook, flat beater, 1-piece pouring shield, and a 5-year guarantee. We put our KitchenAid blenders through their paces during the winter as we are busy making lots of delicious home made soup from seasonal vegetables. Performing every blending task at the touch of a button, the souped up motor is capable of rotating at over 400 times per second. The new blender delivers professional performance and promises a lifetime of strength and dependability.

Victoria has really enjoyed trying out her new KitchenAid food processor which she has named Molly! These KitchenAid machines really seem to be built to last and given they are also a thing of beauty they are an absolute must for every kitchen!

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