About Splat Cooking

Beverley GlockSplat Cooking is a cookery school offering cooking classes, cookery workshops, cooking parties and an online store. Founded by children's cookery expert Beverley Glock.

Here is the story of how Splat started. Once upon a time (April 2001) in a land far, far away (Princes Risborough) there lived a Mum (me) and two little girls (my two daughters aged 4 and 1). My eldest daughter's 5th birthday was coming up and we were having the usual discussion about what kind of party she would like.

She was fed up with the usual entertainers, bouncy castles and gym parties (I know, she was only 4 for goodness sake!) and wanted something different. My daughter loves cooking and baking and wanted to make her own lunch (pizza and fairy cakes) with her friends on her birthday. My first instinct was 'I need to find someone to come and run it!' Unable to find anyone willing to come outside of London and after much nagging by my friends along the lines of "...you can do it.......... you always have a kitchen full of children cooking stuff anyway............ may as well do it yourself............we'll help!" So I did.....

The party was a great success, far less messy than anticipated, and all 12 children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were very well behaved. The feedback from the parents was fantastic and various friends suggested I start this up as company.

I had 'retired' less than 2 years earlier from my job in the City as Vice President of International Business Development for an American Telecoms Company, but never one to resist a challenge...........and so the idea for Splat Cooking was born..........

Then I found out I was pregnant with my third child and had much nagging from Mum and Mum-in-law 'not to launch a company when you're 3 months pregnant, wait until after the baby is born, don't be so silly you can't do this when you're expecting'......so what did I do - completely ignored them and did it.

Of course, if my Mum say's I can't do something the first thing I'm going to do is find a way to do it. So Splat Cooking was launched in August 2001 and since then we have been featured in The Times, The Daily Telegraph, Waitrose Food Illustrated, She, Prima, Active Kids, Delicious, Family Circle and Sainsbury's Magazine about how to get children interested in food and cooking and how much fun cooking really is.

We started out with a DIY cooking party kit (which we still provide) with the aim that any child anywhere in the world could have a cooking party without having to rely on someone coming to run it. I hate party bags with a vengeance and wanted to make sure that the children took home something they would carry on using, hence, the rolling pin or cookie cutter and recipe card. We started with 6 cutters, some rolling pins, two different aprons and chefs hats.

My little boy was born in February 2002 at 6am in the morning and I was on the telephone to a customer at 10am the same morning (what happened to maternity leave?) and the company started to grow we adding on more cutters, sprinkles and fun cooking equipment. In 2003 a friend started nagging me to go out and run the parties, we looked into insurance cover for running children's cooking parties and it was astronomical, so high there was no way we could afford it and I was not prepared to go out and run cooking parties without proper insurance so this was put on the back burner...but not for long.... it was a shame, as this was and still is what I am really passionate about, getting children cooking.

In 2004 Nigella Lawson brought out 'Feast' featuring some of our cutters, sprinkles and cake cases and listing us as a Stockist with a fabulous write up, this really helped put us on the map and enabled us to grow the business so we could afford the insurance to go out and run the parties.   In July 2005 we ran our first cooking party.

The school curriculum has changed, the old fashioned Food And Nutrition and Home Economics classes have been lost to Food Tech where children are coming out of school knowing how to design the packaging for Lasagne but with no idea how to cook it in the first place. Fewer parents and grandparents are baking at home anymore and children are losing the connection with where food comes from, such as carrots with green leaves and mud on them - supermarkets wash them, chop the green bits off and cover them in plastic so any connection with them being grown in earth has been lost.  We are working really hard to turn this tide - take a look at our blog and see what we are doing - we now grow our own fruit and veg so that we can use this in the cookery school and educate the children about where the ingredients they are using come from.  If you are interested in where some of the ingredients for ice cream originate from or how sausages are made then find out more by watching my food programmes on www.buckstv.co.uk 

I have designed our recipes so that children can easily follow them and grown ups get involved when they are needed by the child -  we feel that the children should be in charge and have a grown up as their sous-chef not the other way round!  Please go to Beverley Glock Cookery School for details and booking the classes and workshops.